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Difaf is an environmental solutions provider and a technical design bureau born in Lebanon in 2014. The company is the product of its founders’ passion for environmental protection and for restoring degraded ecosystems. Our guiding principle is to improve the conditions of our water and environmental systems by promoting feasible interventions, green technologies, and ensuring project sustainability. 

Difaf's approach to development is based on circular economy principles, participatory methods, and nature-based resiliency. Our decentralized solutions are therefore tailored, cost-effective, and in-line with natural processes. We guarantee to integrate these elements in all of our works as we consider them precursors to the success of truly green projects.

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Field Assessments

Scoping field-visits consisting of meticulous data gathering, analysis, and qualitative appraisal using state-of-the-art equipment and methods. An essential step for developing and assessing solutions tailored to local contexts during various phases of a project cycle.

Project Development & Management

Conceptual designs, business plans, market studies and risk assessments leading to project success & sustainability. Value is added through “out-of-the-box” tailoring to fit local contexts, and highlighting your green impact (foot print) on the environment. Our personalized project management delivers implementation in a timely, transparent and professional manner.

Solution Design & Procurement

Technical design and detailing skills guaranteed by senior and licensed experts. A wide array of technical solutions with an immaculate track record are available for procurement from our network of trusted suppliers, to be commissioned and handed-over through training and follow-up.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Projects are assessed across their implementation chain using developed measurable key performance indicators with a sharp eye for sustainability. Recommendations are then provided in order to better manage outputs, improve outcomes, and sustain impacts.

Environmental Plans & Audits

Multi-sectoral, fair and realistic take for producing professional environmental planning and evaluations such as Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), and Environmental Auditing (EA).

Trainings & Capacity Building

Training and capacity building services catered to private, public and non-governmental entities for establishing know-how and technical skills, such as environmental knowledge, to operation and maintenance of green technologies, to monitoring and data analysis for environmental management.

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