Difaf dives into conserving and mitigating pressures on our most vital resource: Water. We do so through hydrological, hydrogeological, and hydro-environmental studies and generate advise and technical designs for protecting and restoring our springs, groundwater, river systems in hope to revive balanced hydrological cycles. We offer and apply all our Services to the water sector. To see some of our projects in the water sector click on the button below.


Difaf is ready to guide any wastewater for treatment (domestic, industrial or agricultural) by selecting the most feasible methods and according to national and international environmental and health standards. Moreover, we would help in planning your investment for reaping benefits through treatment for saving on treatment costs while saving the environment!


The most environmentally destructive sector, agriculture, needs a lot of revamping. We tailor-make irrigation, fertilization, farming, energy saving, and land care techniques for increasing efficiency of on-farm water and soil exploitation and decreasing your off-farm impact on the environment


Our natural resources management branch looks at an integrated approach of managing environmental systems to ensure sustainability and resilience of ecosystems.