about us

assess. design. restore.

who we are

Difaf is an environmental consultancy and a technical design bureau born in 2014 in Lebanon and formed by a team of engineers, scientists, and policy experts. Our guiding objective is to produce and sustain measurable improvements in status of water and environmental resources.

how we work

We are eager to deliver proficient cross-disciplinary work for scalable environmental solutions that are economically, socially, and technically feasible through 1) rigorous scientific and qualitative assessments of natural and social systems, 2) tailored designs and appropriate selection of technical solutions, 3) flawless project implementation and adequate supervision, 4) transparent monitoring and evaluation of key indicators and, 5) excellent project management and conscientious hand-overs.

our approach

Water connects us all! In order to promote the restoration and proper management (sustainability) of natural resources, we believe that human and natural systems are fundamentally interlinked. Therefore, complementary with its technical edge, Difaf is ready to employ participatory methods for engaging various actors to reach a balance between bottom-up and top-down developmental goals. Difaf is experienced to collaborate with municipalities and local actors, with central government and with international NGOs alike.

our services

Our services range from field assessments and feasibility studies to procuring complete turn-key solutions targeting sectors where the largest impacts on the environment are found: fresh water resources, wastewater, agriculture, and natural resources management. With rigorous ground assessments, high proficiency in project management, and specialized international partnerships, Difaf focuses on tailoring designs instilled with scientific vigor and supported by practical follow-up mechanisms, giving more meaning to the word “sustainability”.

Field Assessments

Meticulous technical appraisals consisting of technical field-visits and data analyses using state-of-the-art equipment, as well as qualitative non-technical assessments and research. An essential step which includes a pre-feasibility study for proper project designs and developing solutions tailored to local contexts.

Project Development & Implementation
Conceptual designs, business plans, market studies and risk assessment for feasibility studies leading to a successful green project creation. We add value through outlining your green footprint and its beneficial impact on the environment, marketing strategy, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Our personalized project management deliver in timely and professional manner.
Solution Design & Procurement
Design and detailing skills guaranteed by senior and licensed experts, complimented by “out-of-the-box” tailoring to fit local needs and a sharp eye for sustainability. A wide array of technical solutions with immaculate track record are readily procured from a network of trusted suppliers.
Monitoring & Evaluation
Projects are assessed through-out their value chain using measurable key performance indicators, and recommendations are provided in order to better manage outputs, improve outcomes, and sustain impacts.
Environmental Studies & Management Plans
Multi-sectorial take, fair, and logical assessments on Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), and Environmental Auditing. Good compliance with standards is sought through practical environmental management plans.
Trainings & Capacity Building
Training and capacity building services catered to private, public and non-profit clients in the areas of environmental awareness, technical capacities, operation and maintenance of green equipment, data management and analysis among others.